Dear Dharma Friends,

Tashi Delek!

Starting on the 12th of December and lasting until the 21st, the Great Annual Sakya Monlam is taking place in Lumbini, birthplace of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni. As they do each year, thousands of Sakyapa monks and nuns have gathered there to pray for world peace, for the long life of our precious Gurus, and for the liberation of all beings from suffering and their attainment of endless happiness,

Among other prayers, the assembly of monastics gathered in Lumbini have begun the recitation of the Samantabhadra Aspiration Prayer, which they will repeat 100,000 times during the course of these coming days.

We heartily invite you to join them in the recitation of this “King of Prayers’. You don’t need to travel all the way to Lumbini – you can recite the prayer wherever you are and enter in the form below how many times you did so. By doing this, not only will you participate in this noble aspiration, but also your name will be included by the Great Sakya Monlam organisers in the dedication of merits that is made on the last day of the gathering.

May the Triple Gem always shower you with blessings, and may you and your family always enjoy peace, health and prosperity.

Sincerely yours,

Taiwan Sakya Manjushri Center


Download the “King of Payers"