2020・Melody Of Dharma・夏季刊 No.19

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鑒於新冠病毒影響,此次印度度母宮所出版的雜誌"Melody Of Dharma"將不印刷紙本,而是以電子版的方式讓廣大佛友在網路上自行下載閱讀。

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Melody Of Dharma this time isn’t printed on paper, but in the form of e-books for the public to download on the Internet.


As the progress of the Corona Virus unfolds across the world, myriads of people have lost their livelihood, distraught over where their next meal might come from, how they might pay next month’s rent, and how they might protect their loved ones, all this facing the threat of themselves contracting the virus or, worse, succumbing to it.
For those less unfortunate, this crisis has meant staying at home, isolated from the rest of the world and deprived of outside stimulus save that found on their phones or computers.

The flip side of the arduous situation that is holding us in its grip, is the precious opportunity that it is gifting us. This is a crucible in which we have enough time on our hands to dig deep into ourselves for yet undiscovered sources of strength and innovation.

We have seen how people across the globe have found ways to communicate in novel ways, mainly through social media. People in every society have developed ingenious stratagems to show solidarity with each other, through sharing provisions, music, words of encouragement, and so much more. Every one of these acts of generosity has had an effect on making the world a better place in the midst of its ordeal.

For many, this predicament has triggered a search for a deeper meaning to life and a nascent or renewed inclination to spiritual practice. We are in the infinitely fortunate position to be already engaged in the Dharma path, protected by peerless enlightened spiritual masters, ceaselessly wrapped in their blessings and unfailingly guided by their words of wisdom. Since the start of the crisis, our masters have graced us with words of advice, teachings, prayers, initiations and blessings.

Although we might not find ourselves thrown into the front lines alongside those who are risking their lives day and night to save ours, we can still commit ourselves to small acts of transcendence that will one day define the way we look back on how we made the best of these extraordinary times. For us, this means practising patience and compassion with those who are sharing our space during this period of isolation, exercising generosity toward those who are more needy than ourselves, and dedicating ourselves heart and soul to our spiritual practice. This is a rare opportunity to do so that we are not likely to encounter again once life returns to a new normalcy.

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